A call to national humanitarians from the research team

Have your voice heard!
What good can come from this survey? Why should humanitarians from the ‘global South’ take the 15-20 minutes to fill out an online form?

This method of reaching out to humanitarians has its challenges, to be sure, but we are committed to pushing through these difficulties.  I asked my research team to speak directly to their counterparts around the globe. where is some of what they said.

Humanitarian consultant Samuel Lemma Kibret based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had this strong message,

“Humanitarian and development organizations are a hidden world where injustice is prevailing. This research is very important as it focuses on hearing voices of humanitarian and development workers that try to contribute in changing the lives of needy but are being pulled back by injustices. Please take the time to have your voice heard.”

A call to national humanitarians from research team

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